News-Newest Tendencies in Assigning Domains
Newest Tendencies in Assigning Domains
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 Newest Tendencies in Assigning Domains-http://domain/xyz-domain-registration.php

Talking about the introduction of new gTLDS, Internet analysts make a parallel between them and

 the days when there were only three tv channels in the American media. For many years nothing 

much changed, apart from the colour tv emerging and PBS, until cable tv appeared in the 1980's. 

Same thing happened with the internet domain names where there were .GOV, .EDU, .ORG and .COM 

extensions at the beginning, with the latter being the most popular.

Several years after this thing happened, there was little change in their evolution. Until 15 months 

ago when hundred of new gTLDS were introduced, very much the same evolvement we assisted to 

cable tv stations all around the world.


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